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Starbucks Reserve® 100% Kona Parry Estate Small-lot Coffee Whole Bean Coffee

Starbucks Reserve Whole Bean Coffee
Kona Parry Estate

Why we love this coffee John Parry’s farming is meticulous, passionate, precise. His plantation undulates from the highest slopes of Kona, a pristine 900 acres nurtured by sun, abundant rainfall, afternoon cloud cover and warm Pacific trade winds-elements he masterfully wields to his advantage, benefitting every coffee cherry grown and milled under his careful eye. The result is lush floral and caramel aromas, softening the palate for the bright acidity and nutty flavors that follow. A stunning offering from the world-renowned Kona coast. Notes from our coffee team When the coffee arrived in Seattle and we tasted it, we noticed right away this was a very good year for the coffee. The flavors were more defined, with a fresh warm citrus quality and a tropical aroma that captured us immediately. Taste it with Guatemala Antigua. Notice that even though both coffees share similar varietals, how different the two coffees really are in the cup, thanks in part to the unique terroir of the Kona growing region. About Starbucks Reserve® Our constant travels around the world take us in search of small-lot, one-of-a-kind coffees that are distinctive enough to earn our Starbucks Reserve® label. Each coffee is one-of-a-kind-sourced from small lots in coffee-growing regions in Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific. And every Starbucks® Reserve coffee has a signature roast profile to bring out its unique flavors. All Starbucks Reserve® coffees are roasted with care, at our Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle, to bring out their peak flavor expression.
Starbucks Reserve Whole Bean Coffee
Kona Parry Estate

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